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Additions and Expansions

ZeroPoint strives to be as bare-bones as possible, including onlh what you really need to get started. Here are some examples of additional features you can add to your project:

What is ZeroPoint?

Starting a web project can be exhusting!

Static Site Generators like Eleventy and the Jamstack in general are amazing, but an SSG usually requires some time and troubleshooting to get Javascript and CSS loading, and to get all your pages and assets organized.

Most importantly it can be difficult for new users to know where to start!

ZeroPoint aims to get you started faster by giving you a simple, easy-to-understand project structure that you can build on. ZeroPoint is designed to be a starting point for your project, not a finished product.

Okay but what is ZeroPoint really?

ZeroPoint is a modern, opinionated, bare-bones static site generator starter using Eleventy to get "up to zero" on a project quickly and easily. Why you might choose gZeroPoint as your website project starter: