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Start your website project from zero

Start from Zero or look at the code

What is ZeroPoint?

Starting a web project can be exhusting, and modern user-friendly web design services and content management systems can be expensive and lock you into a platform you might not want to stay with long-term.

ZeroPoint is a free, new-user friendly website starter and website generator designed to walk you through creating, editing, and publishing any web project; from a personal blog, to a business website!

Okay but what is ZeroPoint really?

ZeroPoint is a static site generator built using Eleventy and designed to smooth the process of using GitHub and Netlify to edit and launch websites of all sizes.

For new users

ZeroPoint is a free, new-user-friendly website starter designed to walk you through creating and publishing a fast, secure web project using modern tools and technology. zeropoint makes it easy to "get up to zero" and start building your site.

For experienced developers

ZeroPoint is a modern, opinionated, bare-bones Jamstack starter using Eleventy to get "up to zero" on a project quickly and easily. Why you might choose ZeroPoint as your Jamstack starter: